Contract Basis Salesforce Professionals

At JobOnCloud, we personally select each contract professional in our network, choosing only those who have demonstrated expertise in their field and an excellent collaboration skills. In each case, you are free to specify when they start and how long you need them to stay. Our contract professionals have in-depth technical knowledge as well as experience with many Salesforce products and technologies, such as Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. We also would also be happy to provide a professional with specialized technical experience and/or industry-specific knowledge.

As a Consultant, you will have a number of roles and responsibilities to conduct such as working with other consultants, liaising with stakeholders and clients. You will be managing and assisting projects, therefore it is essential to have a full life cycle experience with Salesforce implementation. You must have good analytical, problem solving and decision making skills and being able to be a good communicator.

We specialize in providing fresh or experienced professional on contract as per the specific requirement of the client. We select and match employees to the job provider’s work and environment. These people are taken on our payroll. We pay them regular salaries with statutory benefits and handle all the legal compliances and government regulations. The client organization just receives a single invoice every month.

The contractual process is not just a one-way process, we also take the Company’s employees on our rolls if any such need arises. Thus, we provide greater flexibility for the client organization. If required by the client organization, we also conduct skill enhancement programmers for the recruited candidates in order to enable them to be hands on soon after being assigned work responsibility by the client organization, thus resulting in saving of valuable time for the organization.