contract to contract position

A contract to contract position is a term used in the staffing world to describe a position where you are placed at a company, initially as a contractor making an hourly rate. Following a specified time period, typically three, six or twelve months and your employment is evaluated and you are then made a permanent full-time employee. Once a full-time employee, you no longer have any ties or connections to the recruiter company that placed you.

Contract to Contract jobs, essentially spending several months on a project with one organization and then moving on to a new assignment elsewhere. Sometimes this work arrangement is by choice, other times it’s a way for techies to earn a living between full-time jobs. Even if techies learn the ins and outs of contract employment over the course of their careers, they still have lots of questions about it. So if techies have questions, we’ve got answers.

JobOnCloud is also a side door into an organization. Within the salesforce industry, it can be difficult to secure a direct hire role within a medium to large organization. The contract-to-contract route provides a side door past the talent acquisitions team, and the black hole of submitting your resume against a job posting on the company’s website. Working with a staffing organization eliminates a number of the steps within the hiring process. You also can have more transparency into the hiring process. A contract house is generally going to share more information about the team and the tendencies of the hiring manager than a corporate recruiter would.

If a company is broadcasting a JobOnCloud role to its supply base, they are going to take their time in the selection process to come up with the right candidate. They will vet the candidates and take on additional responsibility in the process. The intention is to always find the right candidate and to make a proper selection. In summation, a contract-to-hire opportunity is great for any candidate to learn an organization, gain great experience, and enter the company.