Valuable Tips to Become the Best Recruitment Consultant

What does it mean to be the best recruitment consultant? It’s not about personal gains, it’s about providing the best service possible to both candidates and clients. When you give the best service, naturally you will receive the rewards you have earned. We come up with valuable tips that will guarantee you can be the best consultant and offer candidate the best Salesforce Consultant Vacancy for your clients and your candidates.

Build trust

Build trust by being genuine and having a good rapport with your clients. Don’t ever talk to someone with the singular goal to ‘make a deal’. Your goals should be based on discovering the client’s needs and wants as well as getting a feel for their company culture and leadership team so that you can find the right candidate to suit. This is the same for candidates, determine what they value in a job and company and go from there.

Be real, not robotic

This seems straightforward and obvious. But when making many calls in a short space of time, we can sometimes begin to repeat ourselves and become boring or robotic. If you’ve followed tip #1 you can easily use the rapport and relationship you have built with either candidate or client to keep the conversation unique and tailored to the specific organisation or person.

Coach candidates

Everyone interviews candidates but not everyone goes that extra bit further to coach their candidates. This isn’t the type of coaching that manipulates the interview process, but rather hears the concerns of the candidate and works on those issues to help them be ready and confident. As consultants, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. A coaching session could improve these concerns (whether they are CV, interview or skill related) and make the candidate easier to place.

Be consistent

This should speak for itself. Consistency is key. If you do what you say you will do when you say you will do it consistently, you will create a reliable reputation. Basically, always follow through with your word.

Find candidates who aren’t actively looking

This is somewhat of a controversial tip. Some say that passive candidates (rather than active ones) aren’t always necessarily the right ones – this is potentially because of the belief that active candidates will be more motivated to work. Though given the right recruitment processes, whether candidates are passive or active, motivational levels can easily be determined before placement.

Don’t just work hard, be strategic

It’s all well and good to place 10 calls in 2 hours, but it’s not the only thing that will make you successful. Research and be informed! This won’t only help you strategies your plan of action but it’s helpful for your candidates and clients to know they can come to you for expert advice and information as well as a service.

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