What is Role of Salesforce Developers?

Salesforce developer is an individual who can develop cloud based applications through the Force.com platform with an in-depth understanding of Salesforce and its limitations. A Salesforce developer jobs must possess strong knowledge of Visual force and Salesforce development with experience in coding using APEX. A good Salesforce developer must possess knowledge of Java and various other programming languages.

Building Functionality: Main responsibility of Salesforce Developer is building functionalities in a sandbox with Visual force or Apex before it is given to the Salesforce Administrator for scheduling deployment.

Customer Requirements: The Salesforce Developer is regarded to customize applications by making the best use of point-and-click capabilities of the Salesforce platform in adherence with the customers’ specifications.

Integration: Salesforce Integration Jobs have numerous APIs and a Salesforce developer is responsible for controlling the adaptability of these API’s for integration of information and processes so the all the systems within the CRM can communicate efficiently.

New developments: Sfdc Developer Jobs are required to design new Salesforce solutions and come up with effective project execution techniques.

Testing and Deployment: Bug Fixing is one of the main job roles of the Salesforce Developer. This is essential for the smooth functioning of the platform. This is the perfect timing to include admins in the process where they can contribute their valuable feedback.

Ongoing documentation throughout the development also forms as a major role of the Salesforce Developer. This can be communicated with the Salesforce admin so that they are prepared for any customer interaction / support issues.

The basic job responsibilities of a Salesforce developer in a Salesforce development company:

  1. Work on application development lifecycle activities that include: Analysis, Design, Coding, and Testing & Implementation
  2. Execute all phases of software application projects including resolving issues and helping to ensure successful deployment
  3. Proactively adapt to the changing business and technological landscape of Salesforce and .Net/Java platforms

Design Salesforce solutions and form effective project plans. Add value in all stages of project work (definition, development, deployment)


  • Asger

    Perform Salesforce.com: The Customer Success Platform To Grow Your Business configuration and administration, including definition and implementation of Org-wide defaults, Roles, User Profiles, Record Ownership rules, Sharing Rules, Permission Sets, etc.

  • Anha Singh

    Such a helpful blog to get the basic understanding about the Salesforce development.

  • Atul Trivedi

    Thanks for sharing the motivational blog. I would like to request please share the Salesforce Lightning blog as well.

  • M B Krrish Kumar

    Thanks for sharing this useful information under business requirements and outline how SFDC can help
    to Create point&click integrations with other systems.

  • Very informative about into the salesforce.Thanks for sharing.

  • I have been doing salesforce development since few years and best part i like about Salesforce is you can integrate it with any application which exposes its api and make your own unique application.
    Check out my blog – https://sfdcintegration.wordpress.com/

  • Anita

    Basically the role of Salesforce Developers are Design, Define, Drive and manage small to large projects.
    He/She serves as project or delivery lead for new projects.
    He/She Serves as mentor to less-experienced developers.
    He/She is both process and technically oriented, understanding business implications of technical choices.
    He/She has Professional, outgoing and energetic attitude to the job
    He/She has Advanced knowledge of software design and development process.

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